An integrated bioremediation service using native microbial consortia and autonomous vehicles.

SpilLess aims to implement an innovative and environment-friendly solution to tackle one of the most damaging sources of maritime pollution: oil spills. This solution will be based on the production of native microbial consortia with bioremediation capacity, and the adaptation of unmanned autonomous vehicles for in-situ contamination combat. This novel approach can be used as a first line response to pollution incidents in a fast, efficient and low cost way.

Innovative products and services:

A library of native microbial consortiafor bioremediation;
A cocktail of additives to stimulate themicrobial consortia activity;
Launchers for application of bioremediationtreatments by unmanned autonomous vehicles;
An integrated protocol for bioremediation application.
Development of a new concept of georeferenced library of native microbial consortia, with capacity to degrade petroleum compounds, to be applied by autonomous vehicles (aerial,surface and underwater) at specific geographic areas.

News & Events

  • 16th July 2018

    The kick-off meeting of the new CIIMAR European project named “SpilLess” took place at CIIMAR facilities at Leixões Cruise Terminal, Matosinhos, Portugal on March 13, 2017. SpilLess – First line response to oil spills based on native microorganisms cooperation – aims to implement an innovative......