Project management

Coordination –CIIMAR

This WP is dedicated to the implementation of the management structure and the coordination of the SpilLess project.


Definition of operational conditions for application of native microbial consortia

Coordination – UVIGO

To establish the environmental and operational conditions in different oil spill situations and marine environments, providing tools for the successful application of microbial consortia through autonomous vehicles.


Development of native microbial consortia with a cooperative competence for petroleum compounds degradation

Coordination – CIIMAR

This WP aims to create a library of microbial consortia with high degradation capacity of petroleum compounds and native to a target geographic marine region.


Optimization of consortia production for scale-up

Coordination – Biotrend

This WP focuses on the optimization of conditions for biomass production of the hydrocarbon degrading microbial consortia selected and catalogued in WP3, envisioning the formulation of a microbial product for application in oil spill scenarios and its scaled-up production.


Development of the unmanned oil spill combat system

Coordination – INESC TEC

The main objectives of this WP are to specify, develop and implement the containers and release systems for bacteria consortia and nutrients, the release control software, and the application for mission control and data acquisition and processing.


Tests and demonstration

Coordination – ACSM

The main objectives of this work-package are to test and evaluate the bacteria and nutrient containers and release systems in both lab and field environments, and also to perform a fully working demonstration of an autonomous in-situ oil spill combat at a “quasi-real” scenario.